MSP 200

Dual-rod automatic blanking press with ServoDirect Technology of the latest generation

The Schuler MSP 200 model
The Schuler MSP 200 model


With a press force of 2 000 kN, the double-rod automatic blanking press MSP 200 provides sufficient power for all kinds of applications.

Through preprogrammed slide movements, all sheet metal forming applications can be performed with high precision.

Whether bending, stamping, cutting, forming or drawing – with the MSP 200, you work more efficiently than with hydraulic or mechanical presses.


  • Increase in yield in comparison with conventional presses
  • Select from five presets for your application – or program the slide movement individually
  • Easy operation thanks to the intuitive touchscreen control system
  • High precision due to drive without play, which enables extremely precise control and a narrow cutting gap
  • Drive free of lubricating oil – for high profitability and optimum process reliability
  • High die life spans due to an optimum adjustment to the manufacturing step
  • Ideal energy efficiency due to digital power management
  • Electronic condition monitoring and integrated maintenance plan
  • Attractive conditions in acquisition
  • Fast delivery


ModellMSP 200
Press force [kN] 2.000
Bed length [mm] 1.800
Bed width [mm] 1.100
Shut height* [mm] 500
Slide stroke [mm] 20 - 160
Slide adjustment [mm] 150
Stroke rate** [rpm] 3 - 130

Subject to technical changes. * Slide adjustment at top with clamping plate: ** Stroke rate depends on power variant and programmed stroke height and kinematics


ModellMSP 200
Bed area [mm] 1.800 x 1.100
Opening in the bed [mm] 200 x 380 | 400 | 380
Opening in the press upright (lateral) [mm] 980
Bed plate thickness [mm] 90
Slide area [mm] 900 x 1.797
Slide adjustment [mm] 150
Height with damping elements [mm] 4.398
Width [mm] 4.148
Depth [mm] 1.841
Weight with basic equipment [kg] 26.000

* Including damping elements. Subject to technical changes.

The CSP 100 automatic blanking press is preprogrammed for five applications: bending, embossing, cutting, forming and drawing.
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The Schuler MSP 1000 model – Coming soon
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