MSP 800

Servo press with knuckle-joint drive

The Schuler MSP 800 model
The Schuler MSP 800 model


High press force and innovative control. Increase your productivity and lower costs using the latest technologies.

The strongest press of the MSP series available at the moment is our MSP 800. It offers a press force of up to 8 000 kN. In this way, you can even perform your forming processes on particularly thick metal sheets. In addition to preset programs, MSP 800 offs many additional options for your individual requirements. As a result, not only your yield increases, but you also work more efficiently and comfortably.


  • Increase in yield in comparison with mechanical eccentric presses
  • Select from five preset programs for typical manufacturing steps
  • Optional curve generator for exact adaptation to requirements
  • Attractive conditions in acquisition
  • Fast delivery
  • Operate the press intuitively by touchscreen – menu guidance can be customized
  • Due to the well-conceived drive train, a narrow gap is created for more precise results
  • Improved die life spans through fully configurable slide movements
  • Modern energy management for efficient utilization of power
  • Sophisticated maintenance concept for low failure risk
  • Digital condition monitoring for the full overview


ModellMSP 800
Press force [kN] 8.000
Bed length [mm] 3.500 | 4.000
Bed width [mm] 1.600 | 1.800
Shut height* [mm] 1.000
Slide stroke [mm] 80 - 400
Slide adjustment [mm] 300
Stroke rate** [rpm] 3 - 70

Subject to technical changes. * Slide adjustment at top with clamping plate: ** Stroke rate depends on power variant and programmed stroke height and kinematics


ModellMSP 800
Slide stroke (max.) [mm] 400
Full stroke (max.) [rpm] 35
Oscillating stroke (max.) [rpm] 55
Bed area [mm] 3.500 x 1.600
Sag [mm/m] 0,1
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